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Our education concept is also founded on the paradigm shift wherein all media are digitized and transmitted at speed of light in packages. This is what we call the melting pot of all human knowledge. The following is how we see this phenomenal change.

With the advent of the microprocessor 8088 and proliferation of personal computer - PC
(Desk/Lap Top, notebook) from 1977, the whole way of life / activity of the human race underwent a major upheaval
(with new jargon)   This changes happened in 6 directions:

  1. How Information (picture, video, sound & data) is digitized, stored & disseminated / transmitted (3D Flash, Wikipedia, YTube, HowStuffWork, W3/WWW, packets, WiFi, Linux, Windows, Android, IOS, G4-LTE, 3D)
  2. How we Communicate (Snail mail, email, chat, tweet, facebook)
  3. How we Process Data in Commerce (Excel, Lotus, WordStar, Oracle, Compacting Algorithm, Cloud Processing, Voice Command, Facial Recognition)
  4. How Commerce is carried out (Buying air ticket, Marketing, Web Site / Booking, Amazon)>
  5. How we Entertain ourselves (PlayStation, video games, video streaming, mp3, mp4, jpg)
  6. How we Educate ourselves in all fields & fast (Accredited Professionals, W3School, googling. Google translate, Forum).  Check out the Free On Line Courses (900) from Top Universities from our link at bottom of any page.

In this 3½ decades, many players, devices, brands, products have come and gone. Obsolescence rate is frighteningly high; even IT professionals become obsolete fast.

A salute to Claude Shannon (1916 - 2001)
Father of Information Technology
The entire science of information theory grew out of one electrifying, breathtaking, conceptual leap paper, nicknamed “blueprint for the entire digital age” that Shannon published in 1948, when he was a 32-year-old researcher at Bell Laboratories. shanonShannon showed how the once-vague notion of information could be defined and quantified with absolute precision.
He demonstrated the essential unity of all information media, pointing out that text, telephone signals, radio waves, pictures, film and every other mode of communication could be encoded in the universal language of binary digits, or bits - a term he put into print. Shannon hence laid forth the idea that once information became digital, it could be transmitted without error.
His idea of Boolean algebra in the binary properties of electrical switches used in all electronic digital computer design that peforms logic functions put the final chapter to his contribution to our world.

From 2007 we see the exponential growthof smart phones / mobiles lead by iPhone. This is followed in 2010 by others particularly Android mobiles eg Samsung Galaxy series. The world underwent another upheaval. The touch screen, powerful hand held operating systems (Google’s Android, Apple’s IOS), advanced data carriers (G4 -LTE) are the latest cutting edge technologies driving a new wave. This again invades our way of life with much greater repercussions. PC sales have dropped losing out to handheld smart mobiles / tabloids; players have to change their business game plan to stay alive.
In this environment, we believe that the way to raise kids is to engage them in IT as a education tool, with a PC or smart mobiles, to complement our other efforts.  Caveat, how to avoid kids becoming over attached to these devices as a toy?  Drop your advices in our "Drop Pot Comments".

Start this IT potting with taking a look at the Rapid Typing Tutor at work below (1.38 min). You can install it into your PC for you kid.

Here is another IT contribution to education in the form of a video "Thomas & Friends" in the Railway series by Rev. W. Awdry. It is full of clear & beautiful English and nice music filled with warm feelings. Get your kid to watch Thomas, the locomotive with good character & personality that your kid can emulate.

A final note on our potpourri: As against traditional radio broadcast, we can now listen at our leisure from podcast.  With this IT facility, we can listen to the Breakfast show of Lite FM radio.  Here there are good episode recordings that guide us to lead a health life style, both mentally and physically; from two great guys, Mr Paul J and Dr Rajbans. How to be a smart parent is one of popular topics. There are also lots of inspiring stories here as Lite Radio "grants wishes that makes a difference" plus many more education tip bits.

Don't forget to download the "Economists" App to your mobile.  This wonder App allows to read & listen to 3 articles per week.  ecoThe articles have superb, clear analysis, queen's english that have benefited the world.  Thanks to Economist for the free sharing of your great work with the small people.

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