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Web Design to Articulate on Mobiles

If you are considering to market your products more effectively through the web, you may use this form to enquire directly with builder.  Use your web to create the critical mass of your fans by articulating your values.  摸心to get粉丝

At the bottom of a page you can directly linked to 3 of the web site designed by Builder.  Most of this site are about a year old but you can Google just the name eg Yeong Eatery, it will pop up in the first page.  

You will see your 3 presence on the first page i) the website with the FaceBook slider with the "Likes", ii) the Facebook link  iii) Google listing with comments from Google account holders.  All these are done fast and at tiny costs and is Mobile Enabled for the modern users.  Check it out with us.


Our service include for  graphic work, the write up and the rationalization of your marketing thrust.  See the following "Articulation" work.





We have experience to push a Ipoh hotel to 2nd position in Trip Advisor within a few months of start up.  The web design then is of the older style; see the difference here and in the 3 others at the bottom of the page.




If we like our web marketing idea,  contact us using the form below.


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On pressing "Submit" button, if there is no response such as "..replied within 7 working days..", then please email direct to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Sep 17: We build this website to share our experience & knowledge to the world; it is still in the building process so let us know if there are mistakes.

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