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Tiny Tip Bits to share

Right at bottom, there is a list of goodies that you can download if you are a registered User.  Some highlights are tabulated below.





A must listen piece

Download video anywhere A slide show show how to download video from any website in 5 easy tested steps.


A heart warming Christmas story, great for kids to emulate Thomas character


A Cantonese folk song picturing the relationship of a child to a toiling farming family 月光光 1975(李寶瑩)


A short Cantonese clip that quotes 2 proverbs: 塞翁失马,焉知非福 & 活着就是精彩 - an insight to values

BeHumble.pps / .mkv

A slide show asking you to be Humble, Thankful & Caring - another insight to values


If you are planning to have a bank loan, this Calculator can be helpful.


Meanwhile enjoy the "Say your grace before food" video, can you identify ? Peace?.
As in humans you may try to teach them the same tricks but some will just not follow faithfully.

Next enjoy the China Let's Sing Kids No 3 - You Raise Me Up sang by Master Lee & Miss Tham.


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