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In my work, I have come across office staff that does not have a good over view of the IT resources surrounding them.  With the over whelming IT info out there, most of us waste a lot of time to search, digest, extract & remember the essential parts, hence this article and this website.

Most times we only need a pigeon road map with key milestones to enable us to search the web intelligently & swiftly.  We also need a comprehensive CHECK LIST to guide us.  

Thus I hope I can help midget like me, with a tiny pigeon brain, to get a GPS to zig zag through this ultra complex world maze.



Devices / Gadgets: 4 major Operating Systems OS

Most of us will be having a mobile in our pocket, in the office a PC or laptop. So it is good to know what OS is controlling it.

This knowledge is important as it helps you to manage data

  1. where is it kept & what is their extension
  2. different ways to transfer between devices
  3. use what App to open it.

The following table outlines the 4 major OS.  For more details eg various flavours or about Linux OS, you just google: 

  OS . Developer   2017 Latest version
 Android . Google  Nougat
 IOS (Iphone OS) . Apple  IOS 11
 Windows . Microsoft Corp  Win10 Creators Update
 Mac OS . Apple Inc  MacOS 10

Windows 10 Versions from 2015 to 2017

MacOS for Apple PC / Laptops
mac os

Q&A Essence: LAN & Internet 

  • How to browse the Router & what is its IP address?
  • What is the User Name & Password to access the Router?
  • How to change the wireless password in your Router?  What is WEP or WPA2 security?
  • Do i use a Fixed or Dynamic IP address?
  • Are you connected to the Router?  How to ping it?
  • Can the Router get out to the Web?  How to ping your website?
  • What is Tracert?  Does your browser hop out to IP address fast enough?
  • What is your User Name & Password to access your ISP?  Who is your Internet Service Provider?
  • What is the first thing you check or do if there is no internet access?  How do you know from Router's lights that there is no internet access; beside a soft ping?
  • WhIich is more reliable, LAN or wireless?  How to set up your workgroup in LAN? 

Q&A Essence: OS, Software / Apps

  • What is the best way to get the latest windows 10 update?  Do i have to get it?
  • Is it a MUST to update my virus definitions?  What about protection against Malware(Botnets, Adware, ScarWare) & SpyWare?
  • What is safe browsing habits & practices?  What is FireFox No Script or Chrome ScriptSafe? 
  • Is it a MUST to backup my data in another PC?  Or do i have to spent more money on OnLine Cloud Storage or the latest NAS ( Network-Attached Storage)  with RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) ?  
  • Why is my system slow, is it because of no space in my hard disk !?
  • Do i have to employ someone to manage my hardware, software & connectivity?

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