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+1 #6 Ferocious pupilsCowKiss 2014-12-11 11:43
Ferocious kids usually begin their life with wrong values & skills. This makes them victims of peer pressure & materialist world due to their poor judgment & failure to see their future destiny.
In particular, the poor attitude towards elders stems from parents failure to inculcate proper relationship with elders. To avoid raising such kids, start conditioning them from young to greet elders whenever they meet. The greeting must be accompanied with full eye contact, caring body language with warm appropriate response from elders. It should not be a casual, careless or heartless “Hi”. Greeting can be fun and warm between bonding people with hugs and kisses. Once this habit is set, they will respect elders in life which include you as parents.
The solution now for the poor teacher is to stay positive. Try to reason that you sincerely want to share each day’s lesson for their benefit. Keep each lesson short & simple with many examples. Divide the class into group to solve questions for each lesson. Groups are encouraged to compete with each other with some form of recognition. In short, create fun events where they enjoy learning something new from you. Best of luck. Moo :zzz
+1 #5 Roasted meat 叉烧CowKiss 2014-12-09 11:45
Children of our current world of hand held devices, face strong pressure from their peers and lures from the materialistic world. You need right parenting skills to face these challenges. Parents who think that only AAA’s counts are really pushing their kids away. Do realize that success is not measured by material possessions.
The key to good parenting is to go for the V’s & the S’; Values and life Skills, inculcated from young. Family out door activities such as camping, sports, absorbing the peace of sea waves will help produce a rounded kid, not just playing their hand held. If we do not have such intangibles to bond from young, you will not bond later. Sharing in household chores are good activities to inculcate too.
With proper VS they develop the key ability; able to reason rationally to make enlightened life decisions. Kids with broad & deep vision reasoning will recognize their need to work to survive (利害). They know that employers are looking for skilled personnel to complete job assignments, not paper qualifications. Hence they will have their career while continuing their life time learning & persist to move ahead.
To the parent with the 叉烧roasted meat, you should be firm stating that your help in formal education is up to 1st U level, thereafter it is up to them. There are lots of free courses in the web that keen kids can learn with his basic Form 6 education. Once they get CERTIFIED, they become valuable in the job market.
Stay bonded as a fun parent. Moo :-*
0 #4 Ferocious pupilsElderly Teacher 2014-12-08 07:56
I have a relative who is teaching mathematics in Singapore and was recently transferred to another school. She is having a bad time with the new pupils who are not interested in learning. Instead they are mean and nasty hailing insults and unkind words at her. As she is near retirement age such hurtful words relates to her age which shows their total disrespect for elders. Why are kids of today like this? What can we do prevent them from becoming such ferocious kids? :Tear
0 #3 roasted meat (叉烧)Concerned Friend 2014-12-01 02:22
Concerning a conversation with a friend on Sat 29th Nov 2014 that she doesn’t want her sons to be roasted meat (叉烧) – kids keep on studying (honey mooning) and wasting their parents’ money. They don’t want to work, just stay in house and play their computer games. How to avoid having such kids? Please advice.
+1 #2 Positive ParentingProductivity 2014-04-01 12:43
After reading in Positive Discipline web site I would like to share these gems with all parents.

1 Is it kind and firm at the same time? (Respectful and encouraging)
2 Does it help children feel a sense of belonging and significance? (Connection)
3 Is it effective long-term? (Punishment works short term, but has negative long- term results.)
4 Does it teach valuable social and life skills for good character? (Respect, concern for others, problem-solving , accountability, contribution, cooperation)
5 Does it invite children to discover how capable they are and to use their personal power in constructive ways?

Happy Parenting 8)
+1 #1 Time Out / Naughty Corner GongGong 2014-03-31 20:44
Recently my grand son, 2 years old, bonded with love between us, was screaming because he was in a bad mood. Using the TV series Nanny 911 idea, I put him in a "Time Out" corner; staying within hearing range, encouraging him to calm down by coming forward for hugs. After many minutes of shuttling between moods, he finally calmed down.
The next day he repeated his act; using the same approach I calmed him within minutes.
On 3rd day onwards, whenever he gets agitated, his mum’s reference to “Corner”, also named “Naughty Corner” calmed him while he complained “No Corner, No Time Out”.
To avoid negativity and feeling of isolation, corner is renamed to “Calm" corner.
As time went by, placing him at the corner do calm him. At the corner he will put on a mischievous smile or playfully saying that his mum upset him using the corner.
Whatever it is, he now knows that the corner is there to calm down his naughty behavior.
Note: kids below 4 has no control over his emotions and is self centered. :Tear
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