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Accounting Solutions

We have a proven integrated accounting system "sap ~from A to Z" so your junior staff can become your sole Chief Admin, a Competent Senior Accounts Executive.  It ensures your Management Control is fully supported by an fully integrated data mine.



Why efficient  SME must do Accounts on site?

  • Accounts is not for taxation at the Year End only. 
  • Account is for day to day Management Control.
  • GST requires instant on-site data for reporting & accounting.
  • For GST & Tax Audit, Directors or Owners are responsible to account & explain.  You must know your Accounts!


How will your staff be efficient?

  1. He/she, within a few months, will become your Credit Control Executive and your Senior Account Executive.
  2. Person will be able to comply with all legislation requirement periodically confidently.  Person is confident because the system have clear precise logical reports to help to control the accuracy of legal compliance. One such worry of bosses is Fear of GST Fines & Deadlines.  
  3. Person will prepare Monthly Accounts to help Management to meet your companies objectives.  
  4. At Year End also capable to deal with Auditors & Inland Revenue.


  • Without doubt, a 100% system covers Stock, Invoicing, GST and much more.  What is more important it is a Real Time Live ie once data is entered in batches, reports are immediately availiable without posting.  This allows staff to see what they haved entered to check of errors & significance.
  • Of course our 100% Accounting System is fully integrated to standard customized Apps such as Payroll, Contract Workers Wages,  Bank Book / Reconcilation & Summarised Petty Cash Rembursement.  The integration controls the work at the Front End to post to the standard Chart of Accounts of the company.  
  • Designing a customized Chart of Ac for your business operation is the key to successful management control by objectives MBO.   
  • As an example of being dummy  proof, we have on record Kindergarten's administrator with no Accounting knowledge who use our simple system easily to control profitability.  Person does this by creating monthly budget based on the customized Chart of Accounts.  Then every month using auto reports person easily manage & report to her superiors. 



  Following are the reasons why our Ac System fix all issues faced by Small Biz:

  • All transactions in the system is structured to help easy understanding of the Chart of Accounts.
  • All trans entry forms are highly intuitive with drop down selection.  Thus the forms are designed for dummies, so it is said.
  • The Chart of Accounts are already structured based on a true understanding of Debits & Credits, Gen Ledger, Journals, Book of Original Entries.
  • It is supported by pictorial Help all the way.
  • All aspect of business is covered to allow management to use the Reports from the system for management control rather than for taxation or audit.
  • All reports are created for control purposes eg Project Costing, Bank / Cash Book, Bank Reconcialation, Aging, etc.
  • The system is Live in Real Time so that once entries are main, staff can see the result of their work at once without posting.
  • Reports are organised to cover all aspect of business i) Credit Control (Aging, Statement) ii) Cash / Bank Control iii) Project Cost Control iv) Stock Control  v) GST accounting to Customs.
  • All aspect of the system can be customized to suit changing needs
  • Data recovery & security are fully provided for added protection & value.
  • Ac System is fully integrated to supporting system such as Salary, Control Wages, Petty Cash Sales & Petty Cash Reimbursment.  

 Thus is it is "sap ~from A to Z" solution.


Following are Apps that are integrated to the Accounting System without any boundaries to help small business.  With integrated data at their finger tip SME can run effectively with 1 System + 1 Junior Staff, believe or not?

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Bosses' Worries

  • Cash Flow, AP/AR Aging, CBT
  • GST Accounting
  • Salary/Daily Workers Accounts
  • Tax Estimation CP204/500
  • Operation/Project: Gross Profit%
  • Staffing / HR Turnover Problems
  • Legislation Compliance & Fines
  • Government Audit (Tax/GST)
  • Operation Control (HR/Reports)
  • Future of your Business??

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