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Practical Proactive Administration & Accounts Workshop Courses

  • To “Employer” looking for a competent Admin cum Accounts Executive
  • To “SPM School Leaver” planning to be a marketable Admin & Accounts Executive
  • To “Commerce Graduate” who is having problem getting your desired job

.… examine our Certificate of Competence issued  to our hands-on staff / students.

As a small company, we depend too much on the office staff, each doing their own way. Hence when staff resign there is problem of continuity. We want to standardize work process for better management but we don't know how.

As fresh school leaver without working experience, employer is reluctant to engage us based on our paper qualification. How to get working experience?

Learning Accounting and Economics is difficult. It is easier & faster to learn by hands-on work in an office. Without working experience, We have no workplace background to speak confidently to potential employer. Without a job we can't get working experience.
...Commerce Graduate



The main reason why a person without any accounting knowledge or experience can become a Competent Senior Accounts Executive is from the hands-on tuition using the structured Peace2U accounting system.

This accounting system has the following essences:

  1. Real Time / Live ie no posting: From extensive Stock Control to Invoicing (Batch entry base for easy control)
  2. Suit any Biz Environment (big or small): Trading, Production and Service. 
  3. Cost & Management Accounting eg Project /  Hotel Costs Analysis (beside Tax Planning)
  4. GST enabled from Invoicing, Filing Returns to Accounting to Customs.
  5. Account+ Add On to Zap all: Bank Reconciliation, Petty Cash Reimbursement and Petty Cash Sales (Summarised)
  6. Covers all Biz functions i) Delivery Order ii) Purchase Order iii) Goods Return & iv) Claims & Retention for Project Accounting and anything else.
  7. Perpetual Account Record for Tax / GST Audit with Year Ending option (7 years cut off)
  8. All modules are Customisable; for perpetual Management by Objectives (MBO), starting with appropriate Chart of Acs.
  9. Great direct & instant reporting to speed up Daily up-to-date management control.

Management MindSet Must be Correct!      Start Right End Right!




Why & How Staff are frequently not competent?

This is exhibited in the following ways

  1. Staff appears to be very busy, frequently asking for more staff
  2. Reports are late & is not auto from the system.  Objectives in report are not comprehensive with too many details .
  3. Errors in work cannot be tracked.


Following are some reasons for this state & the solution

Cause of Problems The Solution
Use Excel as the basis for work,
over dependent on "Copy & Paste"
Use one fully integrated system
Filing by subject, debtors or creditors. File by order of entry into system
No auto checking of entry, not using drop downs,
thus error prone
Use Dummy proof standard forms with inherent
error checking / use drop down
Reports created by Excel spending at lot ot time,
error prone with auto checking.
Use auto rationalized reports from one system. 
Objectives of reports tied to Company's mission.


More ideas to check in the following image "Rubish In Rubish Out". 




How GST Ac system is different from Ubs Ac?
Our system does Year Ending (if you choose).  Data is entered based on batches for each accounting period. This is the best alternative.

Most GST Ac system in the market works on the following way:

  • They do not use batches to cut off accounting periods
  • They do not use Year Ending procedures to close & transfer to new Year, there are consequences!
  • Trial Balance is based on selection of dates, but not accounting periods, there are consequences!

Consequence of no Year End:

  1. All previous year audit adjustment must be done in the system
  2. The record are kept beyond 7 years tax audit limit creating a huge databas

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    if i) you want to learn more or ii) you have unresolved issues in any Ac system.

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