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This page is dedicated to my parents whom I have over heard some good Chinese sayings that have help build my values.  My focus on Chinese sayings does not imply which culture or religion is more superior; moreover I am got my English education in a Lasallian St Michael’s Institution.

What the world need are good human values.  It will bring peace to all if the custodian of each culture or religion focus & propagate their good values, rather than striving to be the number one.  Let us drop our human pride and ego, be humble, do a noble job to deserving blessing of God.  

So let the custodians of the 5 main religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam go forth and carry out God's true mission in their hearts.

  • Avoid trying to coerce the simple folks of the world to come under one faith.
  • Avoid waving the Book of God as absolute good values, tell your sheep the history of its development & how humans had managed its development.
  • Avoid playing on human weakness to gather your flock of innocent sheep.
  • Zoom out to see the negative effect of each religion eg exploitation of human weakness.
  • Do not just bury into the deep mystical aspect of religion, zoom out to see the real issues of human need and weakness.
  • Identify the leaders that high jack your religion to create barriers among humans; expose them and redeem followers.

The format of what follows in this page is as follows.  Following are some that I love as it willl help us go through life with more meaning..  I am but a half baked in this, trying to bridge the high up experts to the simple majority below.

  1. Quote in Chinese
  2. Lateral Meaning LM
  3. Background BG
  4. Human Value HV
  5. Equivalents EQ

From the Chinese sayings you will notice that most of them comes from observation of the nature and our environment.  These are practical laws of nature underlining the creation of the Universe.  Thus following them are akin to being with nature.  Thus Lao Tze, my sifu's philoshophy is mainly based on similar observation of nature.

Sayings in the West is centered around the Christian faith or culture from the Middle East which i see is to go within the mind of the Creator.

Hint: if you want to learn the Chinese charactor prounciation, copy the characters & paste in Google Translate.

修身,齐家,治国,平天下 (Confucious sayings 孔子)

Build your inner Self,  Regulate Family,  Manage Country, Peace to the World  LM
To be a successful person on this earth, first discipline yourself, next lead to establish a good family; only then you can help the world  HV



Drink water, think of the source  LM
Be grateful  HV

煮豆燃豆萁, 豆在釜中泣, 本是同根生, 相煎何太急

While cooking soya bean, bean in pain say, both of us from same root, why such hurry to cook  LM

This famous essay came from the Three Kingdoms period of China, 三国时代220–280 AD, tripartite division of China among the states of Wei魏, Shu蜀, and Wu吳. 
It was recited by Cao Zhi曹植 the famous son of infamous Cao Cao曹操, a warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty. Cao Zhi recites this when he was given a death warrant unless he can recite a poem within 7 steps by his older brother emperor Cao Pi 曹丕, second son of Cao Cao.  BG

Am i my brother's keeper HV, EQ




塞翁失馬, 焉知非福 

Old man lost his horse, not necessary bad luck  LM
During the Han Dynasty, 3rd century B.C, an old man living on China's border one day lost his horse. His neighbors all said what terrible luck that was. Because of this his son do not have to go to war  BG

Every cloud have a sliver lining EQ


Please share your valuable sayings here


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