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What the world had always needed?

We need all humans to able to think rationally and not be easily misleaded, remember 2nd world war.  
Studying the Form 6 book by "Robert H. Thouless" titled "Straight & Crooked Thinking" may have help.

This must start from young 先入为主 else the programming of the brain blocks other inputs eg See history of religion, our insignificance in the earth timeline

We as silent majority must oppose the minority "control freak", not be naive but be proactive & stop the world going into oblivion.

What we don't need is any form of Fascism that exploit human weakness: Insecurity (need for God), Herd Ego / Superiority & Greed.

Interesting current Apologists to listen to

Look up the UTube, Ted Talk, etc and listen to their very interesting & logical debates, sometimes very twisted though.  

Broaden your awarenss, look at both side of the  coin so as to be able to decide what is best for our world.  Don't be pre programmed!  Even Artificial Intelligence Robots can now think on their own putting our world chess champion to tears; wake up. 

Maajid Nawaz
British Author
Linda Sarsour
USA Activist

Zeba Khan
British Author
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
USA Dutch Somali Activist
Dr Zakir Naik
Indian Preacher
David Wood
USA Missionary
Douglas Murray
British Author
Ayynaz Anni Cyrus
Iran migrant

Leaders & Teaching that divides the world

  1. Label others as Devils  to play on 5,000 years of human civilization's Mob Instinct of stoning of devil. 
    This is against God's law "Thou shall not kill" and "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."
    Yet leaders lead against another God's law: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour"; hypocritical leaders.
  2. Play on Human Needs (security, food & propagation) to exploit the weak. Daily frequent indoctrination, routines & rituals act as opiates creating many obedient followers with Close Minds.
  3. Enforce Ritual Like Non Inclusive Rules (eg on food, attire, hair grooming) that Creates Barriers with Rest of the world.
  4. Condemn Opposing Rational Reasoning labeling them as ignorant through holding up (to the extent of lying) as an Expert on Mystical Subjects waving the Words of the Omnipotent.
  5. Play on Slogan & Chanting to stir up Herd Ego / Superiority plus provide Twisted Logic (contextualization) to confront others that don't belong (unable to reason - brainwashed.) 
  6. Initializing the Young with Rituals (eg circumcision) that highlight gender segregation, thus sexualizing young minds to be followers.
  7. Create Huge & Wasteful Hierarchy to enforce rules using Harsh & InHuman Punishments ignoring the more pressing issues confronting the survival of the world.
  8. Ultimately to reach world dominance as the supreme Demogorgon demanding total submission from all others else apply coerion & bribery. 

 When you listen some of these debates you get more confused, here are some observation

  1. There is frequent taking of sides, obscuring the underlying issue from solution.
  2. There are frequent emotionally spins into petty issues with twist & turns, etc blocking Zoom Out Bird’s Eye View.
  3. Mob & Herd mentality is given full steam to suit the right audience.

These reflect the type of leadership

  1. Lead its flock to create a exploded population that demands supremacy and conspicuously demarcated from the rest
  2. Blame others for all their disadvantages without counter balancing views.
  3. Lead followers to think they are wand of the Omnipotent to evangelize the world.
Eric Lee
Democracy vs Chinese Communist Party

Jack Ma
Chairman of Alibaba Group
Imam Mohd Tawhidi
Iraq origin, Now in Australia
Dr Shabir Ally
Indian Origin, Now in Canada


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The result of divisive teaching is the rapid world wide conversion of billions to follow the appealing patriarchy supremacy ideology, sadly a manifestation of our human weakness, Herd Behaviour.  

The condition of these huge numbers of deeply conditioned minds from young are underlined by 3 characteristics

  1. Easily inflamed or radicalised by twisted logic, as if in a trance, to PUNISH, as in stoning of the devil from the biblical times, any human that don't submit or make any trivial comments. 
  2. Majority will still expects others to adjust to their conspicuously unparalleled & out dated ways; certainly a noisy, intolerant, fearsome, troublesome & difficult lot to live amicably together in this very modern world.
  3. All the ingredients of Herd mentality to be drawn upon to violently confront demanding complete, unquestionable submission  to the Omnipotent ignoring the minority or others.

Unless we can reform / reprogram their mind to seek peace without borders & understand the built up to this horrible state from time of Exodus; we humans continued to be doomed from the creation of Adam & his subservient companion Eve.

You must marvel at the skill of a great management gurus who understand how to exploit human needs to reach peak level of submission ...

...but after all banging & chanting, who is to solve the real problems of an unsustainable world, these mystical leaders?!



These good people represent the majority who are peaceful & unfortunately silent.  As a result, frequently the majority suffers because of these bad apples.  So it has to be the duty of the majority to throw out the bad apples before the whole basket turns bad.

What WE can do is to urge any divisive shepherd to reverse the programming of the lambs for the survival of all.
There can never be one uniform ideology albeit totalitarian. We thus see violent conflict always existing within supposedly uniform congregation.

Of course there are beautiful and good people within any domination.  Their goodness may have not come from the leader or his teaching, it is probably inherent within themselve.

Their ability to see the good from the bad comes from the human values they are able to see from young.  Thus they can listen to good even it does not sound appealing or soothening.

Chinese have a saying 君子之交淡如水,小人之交甘如蜜   .. a true friendship can be plain as water, while petty cliche is as sweet as honey - so beware of your teacher.

Beware of teachers always coming with their half-truths & innuendos; Jesus hated these Hypocrites, masters in the act of appearing outwardly to be pious & well verse in the mystical word of God.  After 2000+ years (a very, very short time relative to all existence of all life forms on earth), leaders continue to be hypocrites to plod their secret selfish greedy agenda for ego, power, money and sex.  

We must also broaden our knowledge & awareness;tunbook don't only read one Divine Book 一本通書睇到老

What about resolving the urgent problems of the world.

Martin Luther of Germany started the Europe reformation to go against the Vatican wide control.  However this happened at a time where the world is still going at a slow pace.  We now need another reformation but on a totally different front.

New World Front

From the nineteen century, the world went into a wild spin with Industrial Revolution driven by the introduction of the steam engine.  One thing after another then happened exponentially, briefly:

  1. Fossil fuel became the sole source of energy for all sort of engine of drive; trains, motor car, ocean liners and air transportation.
  2. From over dependence on fossil fuel for energy, the whole world switch to plastic as the main material for many applications.  The consequence is the huge waste we dumped all over the planet.
  3. Electricity next arrived bring the telephone, radio, TV & movie and more.
  4. Next the major upheaval, digital revolution of 1977 that permeates into all human activities (read the melting pot)
  5. Then in 2007 the computer, through the mobile, land up in the hands of all young & old.  This touch screen mobile had now over run the PC.  More drastic changes is coming with next generation of computing power, at the quantum level.
  6. Ultimately at the organic level, humans have mapped the human DNA at unheard off speed.  We can thus at the stage of reprogramming all form of organic life. Is this tempering with the will of God as some would insist?
  7. Finally we now have the REAL Artificial Intelligence (not just mechancial robots) that can REALLY think on its own to form new strategies and plans.

But with all these advances in the world, are we getting better or our old obsolete ways still creating barriers & conflicts.

With these drastic changes on the planet, we face more pressing issues, problem of sustainability due to exponential explosion of the human race.  But sadly many still continue to follow the advice of our 1st prophet Abraham “Go forth and multiply”.  Some will close by saying  “Don’t worry, pray and God will take care of us.”

How can we be so ignorant & fail to see:

  • Weather changes coming from our huge usage of finite earth resources by the over blown population has developed far reaching adverse consequences.
  • Shortage of water and weather changes creates the mismatch of food production and the human needs of over population.

The refugee problem all over the world is a manifestation of this serious imbalance; our tiny planet cannot sustain all of us.  Refugee migration may be due to political turmoil arising from power struggle but ...

....the real underlying issue is still the plain survival instinct to satisfy our need for food and water (economics).




Perhaps we should take a lesson from the very east philosopher, sage & writer 604 BC–531 BC Lao Zhi who dwell on VOID:  
四大皆空 -  be completely indifferent to worldly things; be void of vanities ... then our world is more peace and more sustainable.

Take note, Lao Zhi philosophy is in unison with the Universe Big Bang that started with a Void or Nothing.





For my dearest 孙子, gong gong choice of values starts with Humility.  This belief comes from looking at the Big Bang and the infinity of the universe.  I would suggest you pick 3 of the many values and start to work on them to become your own.

Read more books like your mum and expand your horizon ASAP. 

In memory of my Gong Gong & Poo Poo


鄧 鴻 儀 (漸 逵)   = m.=  盧 漱 芳 (托 賢)  
Tang, Hung Yee (Jan Kwei)  Lu, Su Fang (Tuo Xien)
Dec.16, 1890 - Feb. 6, 1975
Bachelor degree in Chemical engineering,    
University of Michigan (Sept. 30, 1911 - June 25, 1914)
US Boxer Indemnity Scholarship 1910 2nd Batch.
Engineer in building industry, cement, bricks, steel windows, nails, etc.

UN Book of World Peace

A common text for all young minds for all nations irrespective of the agenda of the leaders, race, religion or creed.  Following is a suggested content:

  1. Essential Straight & Crooked Thinking yardsticks so as not be gullible and be misleaded by leaders who have a secret axe to grind.
  2. History of Economics from Stone Age, to Industrial Revolution to new AI age.
  3. History of World from the Big Bang (Creation), Poof of all dinasours, Lucy & more homosapiens.  Learn about our insignificance in this universe in terms of size & moment of existence. 
  4. History of all religions those from the Middle East to Mid & Far East.  Don't forget to understand how the various Books come to be printed & who had really decided in their making.
  5. What people say about studying History & what do we study in History?
  6. What drives people, their basic needs, their fears and motivation?
  7. How past leadership have mobilized the masses for their own power game or for the good of the world.
  8. Human Values (eg Humility, Compassion, Caring, Tolerance, Unity, Gratitude) that are essential for us to live amicably together in this only ONE world.

boxindembatch2 1910



gogo hk1950dinner

A 60+ Michigan Alumini (1914 to 1949) in Bankers Club, Hongkong in 1950?



Please contribute your views to build a peaceful world without borders.  You can go beyond posting a photos of the food you eat.  We hope that contributors can show off their reasoning ability commenting on social events around us eg traffic (the biggest population) woes.
anttaste your valuable contribution and learn from each other.

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